Let’s Plan Your Travel Edit!

Travel inspiration is all over, and it is truly amazing (but a little unsettling) to be filled with Wanderlust. And now that you are inspired, are you ready to jet off on your next adventure? If only it were as easy as hopping on a plane! (*it sometimes is)

Her Travel Edit can help you take the next step from inspiration -> experience. 

We offer personalized trip planning services to help you plan Your Travel Edit! We will do the grunt work, help you sort out the details, and plan the best travel experience, custom tailored to fit YOU.

Why choose us over a Travel Agent?

Since we are not affiliated with any particular company or hotel, we can fully focus on you, our client! 

We achieve complete customization of your itinerary through information gathered from various inputs, including crowd sourced reviews and other niche travel sites. 

Thus, we can provide a completely unique experience to you, derived from the experiences of several other travelers, not just the agenda of one person or company.

How Does this Work?

     You need to provide us with :

  1. Your personal travel preferences : ex: where you like to stay, what you like to see, preferred foods, avoid crowds, instagram friendly, prefer crowds etc.
  2. Your age and gender (optional but better for more personalization)
  3. Your budget
  4. Your dates (doesn’t have to be exact : but exact dates are better for hotel availability suggestions)

What You Receive

      A packet containing : 

  1. A list of Hotel / Airbnb Options to Stay
  2. A Google Map full of places you could explore / stay / eat at your destination
  3. If a multi day trip, breakdown of itinerary based on days
  4. Transportation options
  5. A curated Pinterest Board based on different activities / attractions in the area

What You Do NOT Receive

  1. Her Travel Edit does not book anything for you
  2. Her Travel Edit does not offer any insurance or liability services

Why use Her Travel Edit Planning Services?

  1. Information is available everywhere, but curating it based on your needs takes time
  2. Her Travel Edit saves you time spent researching and planning
  3. Removes frustrations
  4. In short, we do the grunt work, you gain the real experiences

So what’s the hold up? Fill out the contact form below, and lets start planning!


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