A Guide to the Prettiest Spring Blossoms in NYC

A Guide to the Prettiest Spring Blossoms in NYC

Spring is one of my favorite seasons in New York City. The weather is a little warmer, the lovely sound of bird song is in the air and of course, flowers bloom. It is so fun to see the palpable energy of the entire city on the first nice day of Spring!

Without further ado, here is my Guide having to a Pretty Spring in NYC.

Best Time for Blossoms in NYC

Every year is different, but the safest bet for Spring in NYC is early to mid April. At this time, you can see Cherry Blossoms, Magnolias, the last of the Pear Blossoms, Tulips. Later on in April, you can see Wisteria on some of the houses (the amount of wisteria really varies every year) and then Roses.

Here is a very rough bloom schedule, please remember this can change slightly every year.

late March – Daffodils, Pear Blossoms, Okame Cherry Blossoms

early April – Magnolias, Yoshino Cherry Blossoms, Tulips

mid April – Kwanzan Cherry blossoms

late April / early May – wisteria, roses

Pretty Neighborhoods and Streets with Blossoms

Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Manhattan, and it truly comes alive in the Spring! Some of the Pretty Streets for Cherry Blossoms are – W 71st, W 75th, W 77th

While on the Upper West Side, you must make sure to visit the American Museum of Natural History. The exhibits are great, and the new Gilder Center architecture is amazing, but my personal favorite moments are amongst the Cherry Blossoms at the 77th Street entrance.

Wisteria on the Upper West Side – best streets for wisteria covered homes are W 74th and W 81st

Upper East Side

The Park Avenue tulips and Cherry Blossoms should not be missed. Truly an iconic NYC scene! These are all over Park Avenue, I recommend photographs around the 60s or 70s streets.

West Village

The West Village is of course one of the most charming neighborhoods in Manhattan. Here you will find cobblestone streets, lovely brownstones and old world charm combined with excellent restaurants and coffee shops. The start of Spring always means Pear Blossoms, then followed by Cherry Blossoms and tulips all over the West Village.
Some notable Pretty Streets are – Grove St, W 11th St, Barrow St, Bedford St and the triangle of Waverly Pl., W 11th St and 7th Ave for the Pear Blossoms.

Carroll Gardens / Cobble Hill / Brooklyn Heights

These are some of my favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn, especially during the Spring. Cherry Blossoms abound and it truly feels like a storybook New York City scene. Definitely check out the cherry trees on 2nd Place (stop by Painted Swan on Court Street before or after) and then walk up to Brooklyn Heights via Cobble Hill on lovely Clinton Street. You should definitely take a little break at Cobble Hill Park which is a lovely little neighborhood park. Once in Brooklyn Heights, walk to Columbia Heights and then to Brooklyn Bridge Promenade.


My favorite street in Harlem is W 119th between . In early April, it will come alive with delicate cherry blossoms, perfect for evening walks.


W 22nd Street between 9th and 10th Ave has some lovely wisteria! Head over to the Intelligentisia Cafe at the High Line Hotel for an excellent cappuccino after.

East Village

Magnolias and Cherry Blossoms both bloom at Grace Church on Broadway between E 10th and E 11th Streets.

The corner of E 10th and Stuyvesant Street is one of the Prettiest Corners in NYC, and this house comes alive with Wisteria in the Spring. The amount of wisteria definitely varies year over year, for example, last year’s showing was pretty dismal.

Pretty Parks with Blossoms

Central Park

I think I could dedicate an entire blog post to blossoms in Central Park, but here are some of my absolute favorite locations!

  • Cherry Hill for Yoshino Cherry Blossoms
  • Pilgrim Hill for Yoshino Cherry Blossoms
  • Bethesda Fountain for Magnolias and Cherry Blossoms
  • Shakespeare Garden for Tulips and a Magnolia Tree
  • Obelisk and behind the Met for Magnolias
  • West of the Reservoir for Kwanzan Cherry Blossoms
  • East of the Reservoir for Yoshino Cherry Blossoms.

I recommend referencing the Cherry Blossom Tracker on Central Park Conservancy’s website for most up to date bloom updates.

Roosevelt Island Esplanade

This is one of the most famous Cherry Blossom paths in New York City. Both the east and west side of Roosevelt Island have walking paths near the water lined with cherry trees.

The East Side (facing Queens) blooms before the West Side (facing Manhattan). The West Side blooms are the main event because they have the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline.

You can take the tram to Roosevelt Island from Manhattan for $2.90 (same price as a subway ride) and make a fun excursion out of it!

Washington Square Park

I love the magnolias in Washington Square Park along with the Yoshino Cherry blossoms.

Jefferson Market Garden

A sweet little garden behind Jefferson Market Library, Jefferson Market Garden has some lovely magnolia trees and is a peaceful place to sit and read during the Spring.

Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park comes alive with the stunning Kwanzan Cherry Blossoms and it used to be wonderful to photograph these with the Flatiron Building on one side and the Empire State Building on the other side as a backdrop.
Unfortunately, the Flatiron Building has now been under scaffolding for years with seemingly no end in sight, and an ugly new building has gone up obscuring the view of the Empire State from the Flatiron District.
However, Madison Square Park is still worth a visit!

Pumphouse Park

Pumphouse Park is a pretty little waterside park in Lower Manhattan. It is full of tulips in the Spring and hydrangeas in the Summer. I highly recommend heading down there during golden hour and staying for the sunset.

Riverside Park

This local park is a darling of Upper West Siders but is relatively unknown to others. I especially love picnicking under the cherry blossoms and apple blossoms here in the Spring!

Cobble Hill Park

This sweet little neighborhood park in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn is full of beautiful blossoms come Spring. It’s the perfect spot to while away a couple of hours while you wait for your table at Lucali.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden and New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx

Of course, I can’t leave out New York City’s amazing botanical gardens, where you will of course find a wide varieties of trees and flowers. Entrance is not free however, and every other park I have mentioned is free to wander around.

Pretty Cafes with or near Blossoms

Laduree in Soho

Laduree in SoHo is really a dream during the Spring as the garden is full of blooming Cherry Trees. It is also heated, so quite comfortable even on chillier Spring days. Highly recommend making a reservation especially for the garden.

Sogno Toscano in the West Village

I love sitting outdoors with a cup of coffee or glass of wine under the Pear blossoms at Sogno Toscano and people watching.

Transportation Tips

There is decent subway accessibility to every spot on this guide, and long walks through the city during the Spring are also lovely.

If you tire of taking the subway, or the service is limited (especially on weekends), I recommend calling a taxi via the Curb app. The advantages are – you can ride an iconic yellow taxi and support the local economy, Curb does not charge surge fees so it is cheaper during inclement weather / rush hour and you don’t actually have to wait around to hail a cab. You can use my code TANMAYA for $10 off your first ride.

What to Wear in the Spring in NYC

It can still get quite chilly in NYC in April so I recommend layering. I love wearing a trench coat as the top layer, my favorite is this one from Sezane (I have both the camel and khaki colors). Also, definitely pack a cute Spring dress or two but don’t forget a sweater.


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