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Feeling the Fall in The Great Smoky Mountains

San Diego, the Pacific jewel of Southern California, is not particularly well known for it’s Fall. That’s because a perpetual sunny summer persists until a mild little winter, and fall never even gets a chance. And so, the very first time I…


Honeymoon in the Tuscan Countryside

The third part of our honeymoon was spent driving through the Tuscan countryside, enjoying the views, the wine and the delicious food. This was meant to be the more relaxing part of our honeymoon, and it was to a certain…


Honeymoon Escapes : Portovenere

Saying Goodbye to Cinque Terre as we headed off on our ferry, trying to dodge the dirty looks the other passengers gave our luggage, was hard. The ferry in Manarola docks at a tiny port, the only way to get there…


Honeymoon Escapes : Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre was a top favorite for our honeymoon (aka TanDrewMoon) because of two main reasons : I love to travel to places I have read books about, and there are talks to limit the number of visitors to Cinque…


Doorways to Tuscany

Doors are just so magical! I think it’s mostly the surprise element, who knows what goodness (or unfortunately badness) lies behind a closed door? On our honeymoon in Italy, I was fascinated by the beautiful and sometimes very ornate doorways. I…


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