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Top 5 Things to Do in San Diego – December 2016

The Holiday Season is here! It’s just so easy to be happy this season, experiencing all the joy and goodwill passing around. Although San Diego is not exactly a White Winter Wonderland in December (the sky is blue as ever),…


Ojai, California – A Weekend Roadtrip

One weekend in March, my mom and I decided to drive 200 miles to Ojai, a city nestled in the beautiful Ojai Valley of California. Our reasons were multifold, and neck and neck for the top position were : the…


Upper Yosemite Falls Hike : Survival Guide

Last weekend, I visited Yosemite for the very first time – after living in California for four years! Now I see why everyone raves about it, there is something in that breathtaking gorgeousness about the park that makes you want…


A Vienna Cafe Tour

A tour of my three favorite Viennese coffee houses


Ten Days of Meditation in the Desert

Life has been hectic this year, with getting used to a new job, planning a wedding, moving houses, and some irresistible travel. At the busiest moments, I kept looking back to the time I went to a meditation retreat in…


A Day in Lucca on a Tuscan Honeymoon

I first heard about Lucca from a Tuscan guide book, while our honeymoon was still somewhat of a day dream. Initially, it looked like just another Tuscan town, but on closer reading, I saw that the medieval walls of Lucca were…


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