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The One Place You Have to See in Paris

Paris is a city of a thousand dreams, a city of a thousand bucket lists. How could I possibly dare to narrow down one thing you cannot miss? Well obviously, if I was writing a very literal post, the answer…


My Favorite Parisian Gardens : Where to Unwind in Paris

Paris, the City of Lights, could just as easily be called the City of Gardens. It’s hard to walk half a mile in Paris without stumbling into a lovely garden. It may be a gorgeous garden full of flowers and…


A Morning Stroll in Montmarte, Paris

Montmarte might be the prettiest district in Paris. I realize that that is a bold statement, considering the overall gorgeousness of Paris. Notice however, my use of the word pretty instead of gorgeous while describing Montmarte. Montmarte doesn’t exude the…


A Parisian Doors Photo Diary

One of my absolute favorite things about Paris was the doors! In our meanderings, we found doors of every color, every age, every level of detail. You can’t imagine what joy that is for a door lover like me, or…


A Guide to the Delightful Le Marais in Paris

Le Marais comes up more often than not when researching Paris. For good reason, this area is one of the oldest preserved areas in Paris. Delightful cobblestones alleys, small but lovely gardens, the most delicious pastry shops and cafes, a…


The Perfect Afternoon in Henley-on-Thames, England

Henley-on-Thames is universally (well at least in the circles (me!) that care about these things) known as one of the most beautiful villages in England. Its prime location on the Thames (it’s very aptly named), its annual Regatta, and its…