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A Two Day Guide to Pretty City Lisbon

Lisbon is all over the Internet these days, and for good reason. I admit, I was a bit cautious about getting my hopes up about Lisbon only to have them dashed by realizing it was overrated. Lisbon definitely isn’t overrated!…


A Local’s Current Guide to New York City

My husband and I moved to New York City just over a year ago! I still can’t believe that we have lived here through the two Winters, a lovely Spring, a tiresomely humid Summer and a gorgeous Fall already. It…


The Ten Best Coffee Shops in Manhattan

If you are anything like me, then you are probably looking for your next coffee fix. Please don’t visit one of the thousands of Starbucks or Pret a Manger for coffee in New York City. Here are some gems instead.…


The Ten Most Romantic Restaurants in New York City

How do you choose the top ten restaurants in a city with top hundreds? A city where extravagant Michelin starred restaurants sit side by side with ubiquitous hot dog stands, where pizza is a religion, where dinner with a view…


A Two Day Itinerary for Kyoto, Japan

What do you see when you think of Japan? Is it typical pointy roofed houses, beautiful temples, tea ceremonies and geishas? Is it a winding path lined by tall bamboo trees, and orange gates lined one after the other climbing…


How to See the Vatican without Battling Other Tourists

It was 7:30 on a chilly winter morning in Rome and we were speed walking to the Vatican Museum entrance. Running slightly late, as always, but we had to stop for quick cappuccinos and croissants. We needed our energy for…


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