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A Weekend Getaway From New York City : North Fork, Long Island

At the end of a tedious two hour drive east of New York City lies the perfect escape – a delightful combination of blue seas, manicured vineyards, antique shops, organic farms and lovely towns. I speak not of the Hamptons,…


A Three Day Itinerary for Bologna and Emilia-Romagna

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, three days are not enough to fully explore Italy’s wonderful province of Emilia-Romagna. However, sometimes three days are all we have, so keep reading to find the perfect three day itinerary…


One Day in Modena – The Perfect Little Travel Guide

A twenty-five minute train ride separates Bologna Station from a beautiful, dreamy little town called Modena. Its claim to fame – traditional Balsamic Vinegar (nothing you’ve ever bought from Trader Joes, trust me), and fast cars (Ferrari). I spent one…


The Ten Best Independent Bookstores in New York City

One chilly evening, my husband and I were walking (or waddling) home after stuffing ourselves with ramen from Ippudo. We had recently moved to the city, so every walk was filled with delightful possibility. This one was better then most…


48 hours in Madrid, a totally underrated European beauty

Our discovery of delightful Madrid was serendipitous. We decided to spend a couple of days there based on the happy accident that flights to Madrid were cheaper than to Barcelona. For once, the Airline Gods smiled upon us as they…


Should you visit the Alhambra? A Quick Guide to Granada

Should you visit the Alhambra? This was the question on my mind when I was first sketching out our trip to Spain. Should we spend one of the precious days we had in the South of Spain at the Alhambra?…